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We understand the difficulties of keeping track of everything needed to run a successful business. That’s why we created Carte Online. To provide you with all of the support your business needs.

We have partnered with top industry leaders to help you stay better connected with your clients and to share a personalized platform using the best tools to bring together key client information using VieFund and Virtgate into one convenient location.

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Cloud-based support

Centralized Database

Content Management

Cloud-based support

Centralized Database

Content Management

In a world where financial advisors struggle with marketing and prospecting, only the ones that embrace the digital revolution can survive. Discover if your business will survive the digital revolution by answering these 5 questions!

Carte Online is a cloud-based back-office support platform built by advisors, for advisors. As a Carte Partner, you can access all these tools needed to run your business efficiently.

Carte Online holds the most commonly used documents, contracts and paperwork that you need while on-the-go. There’s also a directory to help you:

  • Access Mutual Fund Wholesalers by Region,
  • Access all current Supplier promotions and news,
  • Keep up with the latest trends in training, rules, and regulations…and,
  • Access a powerful toolbox built with the best online calculators, illustration software, rates/quotes/insurance quotes.

You can also sign in to all the other platforms like VieFUND, VirtGate, FundSERV, Carte Links and Carte Core.

To help advisors grow we also include some fun features like the ability to connect and chat with other Carte advisors while they are in the platform and get access to technical support as needed.

Carte Online is the best place for centralized information, forms, tools, resources and website management. Click to preview samples using this platform:

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Simple, compliant and mobile! Carte Core is a web-based management application for financial and insurance professionals. This solution is your best ally for productivity and compliance.

Carte Core benefits advisors at every age and stage of their career and allows advisors to have a centralized database and to be able to bring together all the information from VieFund and VirtGate into one platform.

  • CENTRALIZATION: Increase your productivity by integrating all your existing tools in the same location
  • SECURITY: Send your emails securely and confidentially thanks to SecureMail
  • EFFECTIVENESS: Keep a complete and centralized history of all your calls with Kronos Voice
  • DATA COLLECTION: Our gateways automatically centralize your data
  • COMPLIANCE: Comply with requirements
  • MOBILITY: Complete analysis with your clients directly on your tablet
  • PROFESSIONAL REPORTS: Generate professional reports that include tables and charts
  • CLIENT ACCESS: Save time by allowing your clients to update their data electronically
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