Jessica Sarrazin’s Testimony

One of the amazing things about Carte is that we all genuinely like each other.When we get together for our annual conference, it’s like a family reunion. There are lots of hugs and a lot of laughter. Everyone has a smile on their face, and it’s not a business focused, high-powered networking session… we’re just genuinely having fun together. I really look forward to it every year. For those of us who work far from HO, it’s a fantastic opportunity to relax and have some fun socializing with people who we work with only via email and phone.

One of the things I learned about Carte is how open they are to how you want to run your business. And the range of how representatives choose to work with Carte is really diverse. Every time I meet someone new at our annual conference, I find out about a different way Carte is doing business or a different type of support they have for a rep’s business.

As long as you’re operating a compliant business, Carte will let you develop that business however you want. And Carte will support you with first class compliance training so that you can become more confident about how to meet the your compliance obligations.

Carte is tough on compliance, no doubt about that.They run a tight ship, but they’re also compassionate and they genuinely want to help you cover all your bases. I appreciate their approach because the MFDA knows who the loose dealers are and who is really on the ball. And because Carte does its utmost to make sure I don’t put any bad paperwork in my book, I can go into an audit with confidence. If I play by the rules, and do my best to run a compliant business, I know Carte will back me up.